Click on the following video to hear Michael Maske’s personal story on how a nurse changed his life.

Nursing is one of the world’s most respected professions. So why are so many nurses leaving the field early? What can be done to reverse this trend? How do nurses themselves feel about themselves, as well as the day-to-day stresses of their job? Michael Maske addresses these issues and more in his revolutionary book, The Voice of the Nurse.

Maske, a nationally-known expert in the field of Safe Patient Handling, has worked with nurses in the healthcare field for over a decade. In this groundbreaking book he examines the unique professional and personal challenges that nurses face today. He offers an innovative Transformational Nursing Stress Model that demonstrates how multiple factors create a “perfect storm” of stress. And he also gives nurses the opportunity to speak out for themselves about their profession.

The Voice of the Nurse is a seminal, thought-provoking work that forces all healthcare professionals – and especially nurses themselves — to actively reassess the roles, responsibilities, risks, and rewards of nursing today.